Proton sold 12,666 units in March 2024 – 19.3% market share, Saga and S70 sedans are top two sellers

Proton has announced that it sold 12,666 units (domestic and export) in March 2024, a 6.88% decrease (or 936 units) from the 13,602 units it shifted in February. The numbers attained last month brings total volume for the automaker to 39,150 units in the first quarter of 2024.

As for market share, the company estimates it to be at 19.3% for March, which is good enough for it to maintain its second-place ranking in the overall sales table.

In terms of model specific numbers, no surprise to find that the Saga continues to be the brand’s top seller, with 5,906 units shifted in March, including 93 units for the export market. The company said that the 18,247 units sold in the first quarter gives the model its strongest Q1 performance in 12 years.

In second place was the S70 sedan, with 2,072 units (of which 35 units were exports) delivered last month, a 10.46% decrease (or 242 units) from the 2,314 units managed in February. The company added that production volume is still catching up to demand as close attention is being paid to product quality.

Proton sold 12,666 units in March 2024 – 19.3% market share, Saga and S70 sedans are top two sellers

The third-best performer for Proton last month was the Persona, with 1,665 units sold. Like it was in February, the sedan finished slightly ahead of the X50, which recorded 1,6,26 units for the month.

Next was the X70, with the 603 units sold a 35.5% improvement in volume over 456 units recorded in February. As for the Iriz, 468 units were sold in March, and rounding off things was the X90, with 326 units delivered to customers last month.

“The first quarter of 2024 ended positively for Proton and with no external factors encouraging sales growth this year, the numbers achieved offer a more accurate reading of market demand. For the rest of the year, we will look for continued sales growth by working closely with our vendors to
produce more units of our best-selling models while continuing to build our export sales volume,” said Proton Edar CEO Roslan Abdullah.

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