Proton builds 5 millionth car since 1983, is an X90 – over 2 million Sagas, 217,000 X-series SUVs sold

Proton has announced it has achieved a momentous milestone – the national carmaker has built its five-millionth car, 41 years since its founding. The landmark car, an X90 Flagship, was revealed in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of the start of Malaysia-China diplomatic relations, which was officially celebrated on May 31.

Of those five million units, over two million of those were of the Saga, cementing its position as Malaysia’s best-selling car ever. Meanwhile, Proton has sold more than 217,000 of its X-series SUVs ever since the X70 was launched back in 2018, a marker of its successful collaboration with Geely.

The partnership has resulted in four co-developed models, a comprehensively upgraded lineup of homegrown cars, quality improvements, investments in after-sales and parts management and the establishment of Malaysia’s largest network of 3S and 4S dealers. All this has contributed to five consecutive years of sales growth and a commensurate increase in production, Proton said in a statement.

Proton builds 5 millionth car since 1983, is an X90 – over 2 million Sagas, 217,000 X-series SUVs sold

“Proton was tasked with mobilising Malaysians and to establish a local automotive ecosystem when it was formed in 1983 and today, we continue to play a critical role in the nation’s economy,” said CEO Li Chunrong. “Over 100,000 people earn a living through activities linked to Proton and each of them played a role in driving the company towards this landmark achievement of five million units.”

He continued: “The five-millionth unit produced by Proton is a Proton X90 Flagship, which is symbolic of how far the company has progressed since the beginning of the partnership with Geely. Just last week, we confirmed eMas as the brand name for future Proton EV products and today as we set yet another milestone, the future is ripe with opportunities for Proton to continue to provide sustainable mobility for Malaysians and our export markets.”

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